Introduction to Recording AmplifiedImprove Your Groove Deeper, The Snare Sound Bible Cranked, Bass Drum Sonic Bible

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The Snare Sound Bible

Any Snare Sound, On Any Snare Drum.

Learn to get the most classic sounds out of one snare drum. From tuning, dampening, mic'ing to post efx. You'll be able to identify and recreate any snare sound you desire.


Bass Drum Sonic Bible

From Metal to Hip Hop to Jazz to Rock and more...

Examples from drum sizes 16,18, 20, 22, 24, using different mics and placements. This is an extensive deep dive into any kick sound you could want.

 Improve Your Groove

Groove is the foundation of drumming. As a drummer your goal is to make music feel good for your bandmates and more importantly the audience.  Drummers who groove are drummers who work in live and studio settings. Go in depth on concepts and techniques to improve your groove and be a drummer known for having a deep pocket.

Introduction To Recording

Drums are one of the most complicated instruments to record.  Through this course you can achieve great drum sounds from learning simple setups no matter your microphones, mic pres or recording space. Take the confusion out of recording drums and get the sounds you dream of.

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