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Introduction To Recording Drums

Start Your Process of Great Drum Sounds Today!

What you'll get:

  • How To and Benefits Of This Course
  • Is Your Source Correct?
  • My process of picking drums for recording a song.  How and Why I choose drums and cymbals.
  • 1 Mic Recording
    Microphone Patterns and Mic Placement
  • 21 Sounds With 1 SM57
    Detailed placement and processing so you can gain the knowledge and make your own version of this.
  • 2 Mic Recording
    Microphone Patterns and Mic Placement
  • Checking Phase
    My process of how to check phase so you're not ruining your own great sounds
  • 3 Mic Recording
    Microphone Patterns and Placement
  • 4 Microphones
    Microphone Patterns and Placement
  • Bass Drum Micing
    Detailing Inside, Outside, Sub Kicking micing and combinations of each sound
  • Mono & Stereo Overheads
    Detailing the use of Mono overhead use and Stereo Overhead patterns. When to use them and/or combine them.
  • 3 Mic Beatles Technique
    Learn Geoff Emerick's 3 mic set up he used for early Beatles recordings.
  • 6 Mic Beatles Technique
    Learn Geoff Emerick's 6 mic set up he use for later Beatles recordings

What People Are Saying:

I've just bought your vídeo of Introduction (because I discover it in Modern Drummer magazine) and I'm watching today, I have to say that is an amazing piece for drummers. It's really a good value for us.

Carlos Baez

Thanks for your message and for your videos. They're very helpful for me because, after years playing Live music and touring, this crazy pandemic gave me the time to start recording and learning how to do it on my own. Your advices are very helpful , about recording, but also drumming and being a musician...

Rémy Kaprielan

Thanks Blair- really nice job on the videos. Great knowledge!

Will Dean