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Full Course Recording Bundle

Introduction To Recording Amplified 


Improve Your Groove Deeper

The Snare Sound Bible Cranked

Bass Drum Sonic Bible

What you'll get:

Introduction To Recording Amplified

  • One through Four Mic Recording Setups,
  • Checking Phase,
  • Bass Drum Recording,
  • Stereo & Mono Overheads,
  • Beatles 3 and 6 mic set ups,
  • Inside 21 Sounds with 1 SM57 
  • Resources for going beyond this course.
  • My Process of Picking Drums
  • What's In A Go To Snare Drums
  • Creative Minimal Recording
  • Recorderman Technique Plus

Improve Your Groove Deeper


  • Critical Listening
  • Emphasis Of Voicing In Groove
  • What Is Groove?
  • Does Sound Effect Groove
  • Grid Obsession
  • On Top Vs. Behind -What Does It Mean?
  • Personality And Simplicity In Style
  • Lessons

  • Learning Consistency
  • One Surface Concept
  • Space Vs. Busy
  • 3 Tempos
  • Groovy Fills Parts 1, 2
  • On Top VS. Behind Techniques

The Snare Sound Bible Cranked 

  • Tuning, Dampening, Bottom Head, Picking the Right Head
  • How To Get 6 Essential Snare Sounds
  • Layering for Samples Sounds, The Thing You Hit It With, Snare Strainer Tension, Micing The Shell, Figure 8 Under Technique

Bass Drum Sonic Blble

  • Drum sizes 16, 18, 20, 22, 24
  • Heads, Tuning, Mic'ing, EQ
  • 13 Sounds plus 3 bonus sounds